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Backup & Restoration

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Nothing, in my opinion, is riskier than operating a website without a backup. Updates and plugins can easily cause compatibility problems and severe failures, which can be difficult to diagnose. This is also terrible since, in this day and age, people want perfection and will not wait for you to locate and fix the problem. If you're using a low-resource server or hosting, I usually advocate backing up for at least 7 days. Backing up your website to a third-party storage bucket, on the other hand, is much safer because your data is not stored on your server and will be protected even if your server crashes. My backups have saved me time and effort in the past when trying to locate and resolve a problem with my website. This has provided me with the necessary experience to create and handle, and restore backups


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I have worked as a designer and blogger for a local television network. I've authored more than 60 blogs on topics ranging from entrainment to lifestyle, politics, and sports. Because television network blogs are supposed to be extensive, this has given me the skills I need in research, design, and writing. This is a useful ability to have if you need to write tutorials for your clients on how to use specific goods, services, or newsletters.

Control Panel Management

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Control panels are designed to make it simple to operate a server without having to connect to it via SSH, which needs the use of commands, which is not suitable for everyone, especially non-technical users. However, it might be difficult since one must be familiar with the capabilities of each installed software as well as the repercussions of modifying or activating them. To save a customer time learning all of this, I can handle all of the requirements to launch his or her website in minutes, complete with the necessary optimizations, and troubleshoot any issues that may develop. On my test server, I've worked with a variety of control panels over the years, and I believe I've learned enough to assist someone in launching their website and learning more about the control panel they're using.


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Sometimes, you may wish to change how some sections of your theme or plugin widgets appear in the frontend. This is because not all themes and plugins have the appearance that will match your brand or have the appealing appearance you are searching for, in order to give your customers a pleasing appearance. I have extensive knowledge of CSS and PHP, as evidenced by the fact that I customized my website to match my organization's image and considerably improved its appearance. And, in order to meet all of my requirements, I updated PHP to build the functions I need to run my website properly.

Database Management

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Database management necessitates considerable caution and knowledge, otherwise, your website will be rebuilt from the ground up. At least once a month, databases should be examined, optimized, and tables changed to the required format, such as InnoDB, unless you want to wind up with a huge database that your website struggles to search through, resulting in longer query response times and disgruntled users. I've created databases, optimized them, backed them up, converted them, and transferred them successfully over the years. This has provided me with the necessary skills to manage databases and make hosting simple for clients, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.


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Search Engine Optimization is critical to the success of any organization. The ability of your content to rank well on Google, Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo, or any other search engine leads to a high conversion rate because few people look past the third page, and it promotes trust because users feel legitimate websites are ranked first. The best aspect is that customers won't have to memorize your URL because they'll be able to go straight to your website from the search engine. I have a lot of experience with quality content, sitemaps, and optimizing a website for all devices, all of which help with SEO. I've always made sure that my website is search engine friendly.

Server Setup

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Setting up a server is not easy, and it necessitates sophisticated knowledge because it lacks pre-installed software such as Nginx, PHP, Apache, and others, as well as a management panel. The best thing you can do is make it simple for clients to get their website online by installing the necessary requirements for a server to run correctly. Over the years, I've installed and used a variety of panels, but my favorite premium panel is Cpanel, while my favorite free panel is AApanel. They both have basic interfaces that a client can quickly browse through, as well as a variety of useful features and quick program installation

Staging Website & Plugin Tests

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It is important to clone your website to a different environment where you can make changes or test plugins before doing the same on your live website to avoid crashes or compatibility issues that could cost you consumers. I've had enough experience testing plugins and resolving compatibility issues thus I to help clients' online businesses operate smoothly and ensure that their consumers are satisfied. I have a test server that has saved me from using PHP functions, plugins, and themes that would have wreaked my website on numerous occasions. I have sufficient knowledge to easily duplicate a website on a different or the same web host. My habit of testing plugins before using them has given me enough experience to determine if a plugin is suitable for use by evaluating its speed, compatibility, and whether it can be replaced by a PHP function, which can prevent a website from becoming overly bloated due to a large number of plugins installed.


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Owning a website is beneficial to your business since it makes your services available to people all over the world, but you will come into configuration issues from time to time, necessitating the expertise necessary to quickly identify the source of the problem and get things back up and running. PHP or plugin conflicts are the most common source of website problems since they are built by different developers who, despite their best efforts, are unable to test their plugins against the other 54,000+ plugins. I've had troubles with my website in the past and I was able to quickly recover with few complications. I am confident that with all of my experience, I will be able to assist a large number of people in resolving any issues they may have. With the information I have gained, I will be able to assist clients to quickly and effectively resolve any issues they may have with their websites, leaving them happy and satisfied.

Web Design

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Web design is a craft that takes more than just website construction knowledge; it also necessitates talent, which I believe I possess in spades. A decent website must be accessible to users on a variety of platforms, necessitating a design that is fully responsive on both mobile and desktop computers. I've been working with WordPress since 2017, and my experience with several page builders has taught me all the ins and outs of creating a great website that is not only appealing but also responsive. My favorite page builder is elementor, which offers over a million design options. Making it simple for your users to traverse your website leads to a higher number of conversions and, as a result, a happier organization. Web design is also important for branding; being able to portray a company's image online is a skill I've honed, and I feel I can build a design that meets the client's requirements. Over the years, I've learned to accomplish the seemingly impossible by combining drag and drop builders with custom CSS to create practically any design I can imagine

Website Migration

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Moving a website to a reliable hosting provider might be a difficult task. You may experience issues, such as a website that isn't working properly, data loss, and so on. However, there are a number of ways to relocate a website without losing its database or content. It all depends on whether you want to keep your current domain name or move your website to a new one. I've switched my hosting several times over the years in search of the most efficient host with no issues, and I believe I have the experience to move a client's website and have it up and running with no downtime in an hour or two even less, depending on the size of the website being relocated. Some migrations, such as from a subdomain to the main domain on the same hosting, can be done quickly and efficiently with a short guide to the customer. Manually transferring a website is my recommended technique since it ensures the protection of your data and that of your clients as opposed to using a plugin or third-party software that may keep a copy of your website and database, jeopardizing your business' integrity and security.

Web Optimization

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You must have a website that loads exceptionally quickly in today's world of impatient individuals, or you will lose more than 75% of your client base. Most of the time, if images aren't optimized properly or at all, they're the root of the problem. The easiest strategy to ensure that your website or your client's website loads quickly is to cache your pages so that you can submit them as static rather than making server queries every time a visitor comes to your site. There are several plugins that can help you with this and more by minifying CSS and JavaScript. You can cache your website from the server-side using tools like Redis, Memcached, Opcache, or OPCU to make it even faster. Redis and Memcached make your website faster by storing data in the RAM and serving it quickly without having to make any database or storage calls. If you're using Nginx or Litespeed, you can speed things up even further because both programs have a very advanced-cache that should cut down on your initial loading time. I've had enough experience to assist customers in ensuring that their websites load quickly by delivering only essential assets through a fast CDN and offering cached static pages, allowing millions of people to access their services and information in seconds without stressing the server.

Web security

Everyday someone somewhere is having a bad day due to hacks. Security is not something you do once and be done with, everyday hackers look for vulnerabilities thus the same way they are not taking holidays you shouldn't too. A secure web host can reduce the security patching workload since most of the workload on the server side is done for you. In case you are running your own sever you might consider using a firewall. There are different firewalls depending on the program you using either Apache, Nginx or Litespeed. This will give you a basic amount of security but to protect yourself more you should consider changing ports especially SSH port. You can also use a cloud-based WAF like Cloudflare to prevent those attacks from ever reaching your server in the first place; with perfect firewall rules, your server will never be vulnerable. There are good plugins like WordPress's Wordfence, Sucuri, and others that can help you scale up your security even further by protecting your website from hacks. These assist you in quickly patching vulnerabilities, as opposed to doing it yourself, which can take days. Since 2017, I've kept unwanted visitors off my organization’s website, and I believe I can do the same for clients who need the similar services.

Customer Service

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Every business relies on its ability to interact with and understand its customers. If you connect with your customers in a positive way, they will buy or continue to use your services. Since 2017, I've been in charge of customer service for my organization, and my background in dealing with consumers has prepared me to provide satisfying support to any clients who have questions or require assistance with the services offered. When clients have problems with your services, they are frequently agitated, and being able to serve them regardless of their feelings is essential. Providing a basic guidance and solution that clients can comprehend and apply to solve a problem on their own is beneficial since it teaches them how to resolve problems and eliminates the need to contact customer care every time a similar problem arises. Customer service also necessitates teamwork, which is vital because you may not always have the answers to a client's questions, and asking a colleague is the next best thing to do. And you must have solid communication and relationships with them in order for them to provide the assistance you require.